Please read all guidelines on our website carefully before submitting.

We do not accept work via email. Any submissions, through Submittable or otherwise, that do not follow our criteria will not be considered for publication.

We do not accept previously published work, including work self-published or published online via blog or social media.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted if noted and withdrawn upon acceptance elsewhere.

  • Look closely at the accepted formats on our Submittable page before you submit.
  • Textual submissions will be accepted as Word .doc or PDF files. Do not use characters in your file name such as : !@#$%^*/
  • Include the genre and your last name as the name of the file.
  • All non-poetry textual submissions should be typed, double-spaced, standard font with the author’s name and contact information on each submission.
  • Please submit just once per genre, per reading period. 
  • Include all works of the same genre (i.e. all five poems) as one file and send as one submission.
  • You may submit in more than one genre with no penalty, but please follow the length and quantity limitations listed here. If you do submit in multiple genres, please submit each separately. (i.e. You may include up to five poems in one submission, but use a separate submission for a work of nonfiction).
  • Our average response time is 3-6 months. Thank you for your patience.
  • Though we cannot take every piece sent to us, we will, at times, be compelled to provide feedback - in these cases, it will take a little longer to get back to you.
  • We are currently able to provide one print copy as payment to authors and are pleased to provide a print on demand option for additional copies of each issue.

Up to 5 images (300 dpi/high resolution)
Two ten-minute videos
Two fifteen-minute audio clips
Query for all other forms:

Because Glassworks seeks work that tests conventional boundaries of written and visual form, we invite an array of new media and art submissions. To us, new media challenges what we know and accept as text and narrative by re-conceptualizing them into new spaces of image, sound, and motion.  

Examples: photo essays, graphic literature, audio (podcasts), photography, animations, short film, paintings, collages - send us your best multimodal creative work.

Up to three shorts under 500 words
Flash fiction, micro essays, or prose poetry (NO lined poetry, please)

Flash is often defined by what it isn't: it isn't more than 500 words, it isn't a full narrative, it isn't plot or character or just a poems without line breaks. Flash, however, is an opportunity.

For the reader: to rotate a whole in the mind, to encounter language pruned and curated, a candy quick to dissolve that lingers on the tongue. 

For the writer: to flex and bend, produce fresh expression within limitation, to discover the essential. And in the end, speak through the unsaid and arrive at something unexpected.

Craft essay up to 1500 words

Glassworks seeks writing about writing or new media. Craft essays may have elements of scholarship and research, but should largely be thoughtful meditations or theoretical considerations applied practically through explications of writing or new media art. Craft essays should not function as reviews or evaluative writing, but should offer insight into a work's construction and rhetorical function. In other words, show us how it's made and teach us how it works.